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Notch Grotesk

Notch Grotesk

Shaped by traditional sans serif fonts such as Akzidenz Grotesk, Notch Grotesk is a flexible font peppered with Futura-esque geometric details. With a fresh, clean personality, the typeface is equipped with Extended and Condensed styles to meet your display needs, whilst the standard font family delivers results in smaller body copy.The addition of ink traps optimises legibility and offers a unique, characterful touch. The full family consists of three styles and three weights, making it a versatile, clean choice in a variety of contexts — both in print and digital.

— 265 Glyphs, 171 characters,
— Uppercase & lowercase, numbers
— Diacritics (standard accented & extended accented)
— Standard ligatures, optional ligatures
— Fractions, symbols, punctuation & mathematical symbols


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