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Jeko is an exciting geometric typeface with contemporary touches. Born from strong elementary shapes, with clean circles interwoven with modern cuts and sharp edges, Jeko has a distinctive voice, retaining the simplicity and elegance of classic geometric typefaces with a fresh, stylish rework. It’s bold in personality and fills the space without shouting, appearing refined and confident. Its high X-height and strong capitals sustain a large amount of visibility across all weights and have been optically corrected for even better legibility.

Equipped with a variable font, Jeko offers a wide range of options and access to unique type looks. It also includes nine weights to give just as much access to creativity to those without access to variable supporting software. Jeko’s matching italics sloped at a lively 11º help give it a full range of expressions.


— Total glyph set: 570
— Variable font support (Italic + Roman)
— Fractions
— Diacritics
— Symbols & Punctuation
— Discretionary Ligatures
— Majority of Latin languages supported
— Cyrillic language support


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