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Villanelle 2.0

Villanelle 2.0 is a dangerously glamorous, high-fashion display type family inspired by the enigmatic assassin from BBC America’s Killing Eve. The first version was published as a single uppercase style in 2020 – an early experiment in communicating an identity within a typeface. The project grew over the following two years, continuing to explore the character of the charismatic, psychopathic, exquisitely dressed, and violently stylish killer.

Can a collection of letters look like they might stab you and enjoy it? Can they be an unfeeling psychopath, an obsessive lover and a contrast killer, all at once? This violent juxtaposition has created a type family with elegant curves, razor-sharp edges, plunging descenders, high-contrast strokes and a dramatic flair.

Villanelle 2.0 is a big update for the project. Every glyph has been completely redrawn – now with the full alphabet, 7 weights, 14 styles, a variable font with 2 axes, extended Latin language support, discretionary ligatures, stylistic sets, improved spacing and greater consistency.


— Total Glyph Set: 375
— Stylistic Sets
— Diacritics
— Ligatures
— Symbols & Punctuation
— Language Support: Basic Latin, South-Eastern European, Western-European, Central European.


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