Salford Sans

Salford Sans

Equipped with eight weights and covering four scripts—extended Latin, monotonic Greek, Arabic and Cyrillic—Salford Sans has been made to speak to a lot of people. It’s for the kind of headlines, editorial and display work which needs to be serious, international and communicative whilst retaining a touch of stylish hand-made personality.

Packed with symbols, tidy features, special Arabic characters, proper Arabic numbers and a range of local styles Salford Sans is based on the traditional British style condensed sans serif. It’s a robust, functional and elegant condensed sans—an update on a classic idea that works well the world over! This typeface is a collaboration between Lewis McGuffie (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic), Dave Williams of Manchester Type (Latin, Arabic) and Elsa Baussier (symbols & useful things).


— Total glyph set: 995 glyphs per weight
— 8 weights
— OpenType Features:
— Uppercase
— Lowercase
— Default figures
— Lining figures
— Latin (Extended)
— Cyrillic (part Extended)
— Greek (Monotonic)
— Arabic (Extended)
— Symbols

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