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Alfredino Semimono

BD Megatoya

Taking a geometric sans serif approach, BD Megatoya is designed with subtle details that bring a range of personalities; in some places, shapes are smooth and harmonious, while in others they’re harsh and boxey.

Stylistic alternates give you the power to play with a versatile range of styles, while the type’s careful construction preserves consistency, ensuring good readability in smaller texts. This means BD Megatoya is suitable for branding projects and many designs purposes, including advertising, posters, invitations, logos, magazines, merchandise, presentations, and more.

— 41 Fonts
— 4 Outline versions in Black weight
— 1 Variable font with three axes (weight, width, slant)
— 1,470 glyphs in each font
— Opentype features:
— Small caps
— Stylistic alternates
— Standard and discretionary ligatures
— Complete numeral figures
— Fractions
— Ordinals
— Numerators
— Denominators
— Superscript
— Subscript
— Circled number
— Slashed zero
— Old-style figures
— Case-sensitive forms
— Tabular & lining figures
— Language support: Western European, Central European, and Southeastern European


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