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LD Family

LD Family

The LD Family is an all-round serif font family, especially suitable for longer ranges of text setting. Its design started in 2019 as a revival project for LUCA School of Arts Ghent, the reference used to create the regular cut is called Light Dorsey from an unknown typecutter, found in a specimen of the American Type Founders Company. All other styles are interpretations without original references. The revival has slightly different proportions such as smaller ascenders and more generous descenders to improve legibility at small sizes. The font has a robust character which is countered by more elegant curves in the italic.

The Family features 2 monospaced variants. LD Family Mono is a conventional serif monospace but Mono Closed is a playful interpretation on the genre. It is a result from experiments to fill the fixed space to its maximum. At small sizes the extravagant details fade away making it suitable for both display and text.


— 562 Glyphs (Regular & Italic)
— 372 Glyphs (Mono)
— Uppercase & Lowercase
— Numbers
— Numerators
— Old-Style & Tabular Figures
— Standard Ligatures & Discretional Sigatures 


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