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Queens Pro

Queens Pro



Queens Pro is a modern, playful type family designed by Marco Battaglia. This typeface is strongly influenced by humanist broad nib calligraphy and 1970’s popular type styles, and features five text weights and three display weights, all with matching italics.

Queens Pro’s text weights are characterised by low contrast and a light texture, which makes them perfect for long stretches of text in publications, magazines and books. The display weights are fun and playful, suitable for brands, headlines or label design. The italic is a true italic sporting variable angles (from 11° to 14°) with a calligraphic feel. In the lighter weights, the gradually retracting serifs and large x-height emphasise the influence of humanist letterforms, while in the heavier weights they provide a dense, consistent texture.


— 717 Glyphs, 357 characters,
— Uppercase & lowercase, numbers, numerators
— True Italics
— Historical Forms
— Old-style figures
— Tabular Figures
— Diacritics (standard accented & extended accented)
— A lot of wonderful swash
— Standard ligatures, optional ligatures, contextual ligatures
— Fractions, symbols, punctuation & mathematical symbols.
— 17 Layout features: aalt, salt, calt, liga, dlig, clig, case, swsh, hist, dnom, numr, frac, locl, onum, tnum, ordn & kern.


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