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Inditex: Cyrillic Character Set

Cyrillic Language Support



Working with Emma Marichal and Bouk Ra, we produced Cyrillic language support for Spanish multinational clothing giant Inditex.

Taking its name from the oldest of the garden roses, Rosa Gallica, Gallique is a typeface of dualities. Designed by French-type designer Emma Marichal, the contemporary serif blends the ‘soft petals’ of a rose with sharp, extended thorns. 

Meanwhile, Hanol (a Korean word for a strand/thread or hair) is an elegant typeface by Bouk Ra that emphasises the beauty of curves within the strands of letters. Reminiscent of calligraphy, the varying stroke widths of Hanol result in beautifully decorative curves and ligatures. 

Owner of several major brands such as: Zara, Bershka, and Pull&Bear, Inditex is a fashion powerhouse — the biggest fast fashion group in the world, in fact! Eager to utilise Gallique and Hanol in one of their brand applications, Inditex got in touch with us, asking us to create Cyrillic versions of both of these typefaces. So, working with Marichal and Ra, we produced customised font files that would be able to cover Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, and Ukrainian language usage.

Gallique retains its beautiful curves, ligatures, and razor-sharp points and includes more than 160 new glyphs, with alternates specifically for Bulgarian. Likewise, Ra embeds Hanol’s Cyrillic version with the same luxuriously flowing ligatures of the Latin version, also including Bulgarian-specific glyphs.

Typeface Design: Emma Marichal and Bouk Ra
Font Production: TYPE01 / Type Department
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