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Autaut Grotesk

Autaut Grotesk is a neo-grotesque typeface that draws on the aesthetics and the typographic standards of 1960s Swiss modernism, reworking them in a contemporary perspective. The design alternates a subtle geometric and steady construction with more organic and sharp-cut terminals, giving to the typeface a composed but expressive appeal. Moreover its solid and straightforward structure is characterized by angular connections between curves and stems adding tension and eye-catching details to the letters. With these characteristics it works perfectly when used at display sizes despite it is very readable both on paper and screen also at very small sizes, while maintaining a strong identity. Autaut Grotesk offers various stylistic sets for different design needs as well as many others OpenType features. Equipped with more than 709 glyphs, the family consist of 5 style (v1.0) from Regular to Black and supports the Latin Extended-A.

Design: Alessio Pompadura (Due Studio)
Kerning: Igino Marini

709 Glyphs
Support Latin Extended-A

Case-Sensitive Forms
Contextual Alternates
Discretionary Ligatures
Standard Ligatures
Localized Forms
Stylistic Alternates
Stylistic Set 1 (Tail Set)
Stylistic Set 2 (Single Storey a)
Stylistic Set 3 (Double Storey g)
Stylistic Set 4 (Alt Ampersand)
Stylistic Set 5 (Alt 6, 9)
Stylistic Set 6 (Edgy Set)
Stylistic Set 7 (Alt Punctuation)
Slashed Zero


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