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HOLOGRAM is a font inspired by the combination of future meets past. This font is most effective when applied to large display text like headings and arrives in three distinct styles: Display Sans, Display Serif and Display Wedge.

With varied stroke weights, the Sans is the cleanest of the styles whilst the Serif offers a modern, structured feel. The Display Wedge is stunningly striking and with each style containing over 350+ glyphs, support for up to 26 languages and specialised kerning & spacing, HOLOGRAM makes a strong, beautifully designed statement.


— Total glyph set: 350+
— 3 Styles
— Specialised Kerning & Spacing
— Supporting 26 languages

WOFF and WOFF2 font files will be available in the next few weeks. In the meantime, an OTF file is available for web font licenses.

Unsure about what license you need? Download our useful licensing checklist to see what each license allows you to do.


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