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Domino Mono

Domino Mono

Domino Mono is an experimental monospaced variable typeface allowing its user to play with both the weight and angle axis to get the look they desire.

Inspired by the movement of toppling dominoes, the oblique letter shapes of Domino Mono are designed by tilting or dismantling the fragments of letters instead of shearing or reforming themselves, maintaining the same letter width throughout the entire font family thus bolder style has a dense and heavy impression. The variable weight is applied only to letters and numbers to retain the legibility of complex symbols as well as to give a rhythm in a long paragraph mixed with multiple punctuations and symbols.


— Total glyph set: 565
— Variable font support (Weight & angle)
— Uppercase & lowercase
— Numbers & numerators
— Diacritics
— Fractions, symbols, punctuation, mathematical symbols, arrows
— Language support: Basic Latin, South-Eastern European, Western European, Central European


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