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JYO Display

Jyo Display

Jyo Display is inspired by ancient Indian writings and Jyotish, also known as Hindu astrology. It embodies the duality between karma and free will, together with the contrast of sturdy and curvy shapes from old Sanskrit text. 

The result is an experimental display typeface that represents the harmony of opposites through the contrast of geometric sans serif and calligraphic strokes in perfect balance. The duality between the ethereal and the mundane. 

Jyo Display feels mysterious, provocative, and unconventional. It’s bold and sophisticated in its own way – perfect for stand-out statements, titles, and headlines. 

— Total Glyph Set: 313
— Unicase
— Numbers
— Punctuation & Symbols
— Diacritics
— Stylistic Alternates
— Ornaments
— Astrological symbols
— Language Support: Basic Latin, South-Eastern European, Western-European, Central European.


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