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Lay Grotesk

Lay Grotesk is a contemporary sans serif typeface that reinterprets the style of the milestones grotesk like Helvetica, Neue Haas Grotesk and Folio.

It carries on the idea of neutrality at the basis of Swiss typefaces, while smoothing out their rigidity. The more evident contrast softens the shapes, making it elegant but at the same time without frills or other intrinsic meanings. It works very well at small sizes ensuring good readability, thanks to the slightly reduced width of the letters which allows for denser text lines. However, at display sizes it reveals its geometric nature, exasperated in the design of some completely straight endings of the letters. There is therefore a formal alternation between soft and rigid, ‘human’ and ‘digital’ which makes it effective for different uses.

The name clarifies its intentions: ‘Lay’, a timeless typeface for everyone. It consists of 796 glyphs, with various stylistic sets, OpenType features and case-sensitive forms, as well as many discretionary ligatures for both uppercase and lowercase.


— 796 Glyphs
— Support Latin Extended-A
— Contextual Alternates
Case-Sensitive Forms
Discretionary Ligatures
Standard Ligatures
Localised Forms
Stylistic Alternates
Scientific Inferiors
Stylistic Set 1 Stylistic Set 2 Stylistic Set 3 Stylistic Set 4 Stylistic Set 5 Stylistic Set 6 Stylistic Set 7 Stylistic Set 8 Stylistic Set 9


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