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Neue School

Neue School

Neue School is a modern sans serif that’s too cool for school. Designed to maximize the available space and make impactful headlines and interesting posters. Deep ink-traps create a characteristic look. Inspired by narrow old school poster fonts, presented in a “neue” way. Extra tight tracking, optimal for big poster use, surfaces with limited horizontal space, and other big headlines. Symbols are fixed weight throughout, as a contrast to the font-weight.

There are 2 additional OpenType stylistic sets. Stylistic Set 1 adds more round edges to specific characters for a softer look. Stylistic Set 2 makes lowercase ascenders and symbol height equal to capital height, making it ideal for stacking types more easily with all the same height.


– 806 Glyphs
– 8 Weights, 2 Widths and italics
– Uppercase & lowercase, numbers
–Diacritics (Extended)
– Fractions, symbols, punctuation, arrows & mathematical symbols.
– Open Type Features: aalt abvm calt case ccmp dnom frac kern liga locl ordn sinfsubs sups ss01 ss02


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