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Power Grotesk

Power Grotesk

Power Grotesk is a sans serif typeface coming in 16 weights from ultra light to black, offering tons of versatility and lots of opportunities to optimise. Its goal is to offer crisp legibility and a good contrast between black and white, making it suitable for different sizes. The typeface has a special feature that aids in reading and reproducing, trapping the right-sized ink for the text to work.

The geometric shapes and structures reflect the inspiration and influence of medieval typography. Power Grotesk moves between the vast historical material that makes up modern typography, combining contemporary details with classic styles.

—Total Glyph Set: 392
—Basic Latin Set
—Punctuation, Numerical, and Symbols
—Latin-1 Supplement
—Support Latin Extended-A
—Spacing Modifier Letters
—Currency Symbol
—Mathematical Operators
—Case-Sensitive Forms


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