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Resist Mono

Resist Mono

Resist Mono is a monospaced version of Resist Sans released in 2022. Borrowing the most distinct features of its predecessor, Resist Mono features are deep inktraps, angled terminals, and amazing legibility. Resist Mono was developed for use both in coding and product/graphic design usage.

Developed to be a functional and highly legible font, which is especially important in coding, Resist Mono features ‘true’ italics that look more calligraphic than regular slanted styles. Regular slanted letterforms can be accessed through OpenType, by selecting a corresponding stylistic set.


– 1300+ characters per font
– 14 static fonts
– 2 variable fonts
– True Italics
– Small Capitals
– Extensive OpenType features
– Supports 200+ Languages (Latin & Cyrillic)
– Special Symbols and Features

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