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Rothek Font Family


Rothek is a geometric sans serif type family with a strong and unique character. Rothek is defined by the interplay between strict geometric forms and subtle curves. Rothek’s wide selection of styles (from Thin to Black) makes it suitable for a large variety of projects.


— 1 Variable Font
—  20 Static Fonts (10 Upright + 10 Italic)
— 1000+ glyphs per font
—  Extended Latin + Cyrillic
- Multiple Stylistic Sets
— Case-Sensitive Punctuation
—  Various OpenType Features
— Standard Ligatures
— Stylistic Alternates


Rothek supports 200+ Latin based languages (including all European languages) as well as major Cyrillic languages.

OpenType features are: Localised Forms (locl), Subscript (subs), Inferiors (sinf), Superscript (sups), Numerators (numr), Denominators (dnom), Fractions (frac), Ordinals (ordn), Tabular Figures (tnum), Oldstyle Figures (onum), Case-Sensitive Forms (case), Ligatures (liga), and Stylistic Sets (ss01-ss12).

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