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We are always on the lookout for talented designers, foundries and creatives to join our store. 

If you're submitting a typefaces(s), we expect a high level of quality and expect typefaces to have a decent character set with additional language support glyphs are preferred. We are looking for products and fonts from a variety of diverse backgrounds that can expand and add value to our current catalogue. 

We greatly appreciate every submission, and review each and every one that gifts out mailbox. We are however, a small team and don’t have time to give a personal response to submissions that aren't successful. If we’d like to move forward with your typeface(s) or products, we will be in touch.

If you’d like your work to be considered, please send your work to:


How do you retain quality control by protecting my font from being copied or reproduced by other sellers? 

Simple, we control every single font that goes online. Sellers do not have the power to upload their own fonts, we have to approve each one and will always do our best to check to see if there are any similarities to other designs. If there is, the font will be denied and the seller immediately made aware of. 

Do I have to be a type designer to list my font? 

No you don't, you can come from any background, however as mentioned above we're looking for high-quality design and your submission can be denied if it's not the standard that we accept. 

Is there a commission on sales? 

Yes there is, give us an email and we'll tell you more. 

How do I get paid? 

We provide our sellers with sales report evidence at the end of each month. An invoice is requested, exchanged, and then the sales amount is paid into the sellers bank account within 7 days.