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Type Department is the curated marketplace of Type 01 selling high-quality fonts created by the industry's modern talent. 

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New Display Fonts

Asfen is a typeface designed by Inès Davodeau. This typeface was born from the contrast between the human and the machine. It explores the relationship between those two entities, one brings sensitivity and the other brings rigidity to create cyborgs letters.

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New Search Features

We've added some custom coding so that you can search and filter through the different features each font has to find the one you're looking for. Our new features include, italics, alternates, optical variants, colour fonts and open font licenses.

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New Kritik Font Family

Created by Daniel Stuhlpfarrer, Kritik was originally created for an Architecture magazine that has now been developed further over time. This produced a type family consisting of 7 weights: Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold and Black.

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