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Spoof is an irreverent typeface taking cues from rationalist predecessors like Futura, Neuzeit Grotesk and Avant-Garde, whilst subverting your usual geometric sans style through its exaggerated proportions and grotesque elements.

Strict geometry and orthogonal terminals create the illusion of calm uniformity. However, this illusion is quickly broken by uncomfortably tight apertures, some unbalanced forms and an ungainly underbite in the open-bowled glyphs; all of which undermine the feeling of precision to create a gawkish, intriguing look.


— Total glyph set: 426
— OpenType Features:
— Uppercase
— Lowercase
— Symbols & Punctuation
— Numerals
— Arrows
— Circled Figures
— Case-sensitive Forms
— Pan-European Latin Language Support
— Stylistic set 1: alternate a
— Stylistic set 2: alternate j
— Stylistic set 3: alternate t
— Stylistic set 4: alternate G
— Stylistic set 5: alternate Q
— Stylistic set 6: alternate 2


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