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ALT Maria Clara

ALT Maria Clara

ALT MariaClara is a font dedicated to the strong, confident, brave Filipina women who are breaking away from stereotypes and owning their identities. Named after Maria Clara, a fictional Filipina character who became a colonial figure—an embodiment of submissive, conservative demureness, a myth that allowed Spanish colonisers to continue to subjugate Filipina women—ALT MariaClara flips the narrative.

Drawing inspiration from the visual history of the Philippines, type designer Alli Cunanan incorporates sharp, intricate details.

ALT MariaClara is a refined, striking display font built on a story of reclamation and empowerment.


— 592 Glyphs
— Basic Latin
— 100% Latin Extended-A
— Diacritics
— Stylistic Alternates
— Oldstyle Figures
— Symbols & Punctuation


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