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Decay White

Decay White

A typeface on the border between irrational aesthetics and rational function, Decay is a modern serif that brings the philosophy of Decadent Movement into our darkest future; mixing sinuous curves with eccentric pointed serifs, and offering drastic ligatures between multiple and single letters.

The first release (Decay White, v1.0) comes in one weight and two different serif cut styles (Std, Alt) plus a variable font based on serif axis, with which you can move and control serif angles. Its contrasts make it ideal for display texts, but it also works beautifully for medium to small texts.


— Total glyph set: 450+
— Support Latin Extended-A
— Contextual Alternates
— Case-Sensitive Forms
— Ligatures
— Fractions
— Localised Forms
— Stylistic Alternates


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