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Radcliffe is a typeface family designed in 2018 by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli. Created as a reinvention of traditional Clarendon design, it searches for a “contemporary classic” typeface look and is tailor-made for elegance.

Primarily intended as a display typeface, Radcliffe has a wide range of finely-tuned weights for editorial and logo-design uses. Complemented by Radcliffe Text, developed in five weights with a taller x-height and slightly condensed proportions, it allows for maximum readability in long texts both on the web and at smaller sizes. The family also includes the two funky weights of Radcliffe Casual, designed with a slight reverse contrast aesthetics, perfect for your Country Club activities.


— Total Glyph set: 713 Glyphs
— 26 Fonts
— Uppercase letters
— Lowercase letters
— Small Capitals
— Math and Signs
— Punctuation and Marks
— Symbols
— Open Type Features: Alternates, Case-Sensitive Forms, Discretionary Ligatures, Denominators, Fractions, Kerning, Lining Figures, Localized Forms, Medial Forms, Numerators, Oldstyle Figures, Ordinals, Stylistic Alternates, Scientific Inferiors, Optical size, Stylistic Set 1, Stylistic Set 5, Subscript, Superscript, Tabular Figures, Slashed Zero.


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