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Buona Display

Buona Display

Made for attention-grabbing display usage, Buona Display is inspired by the rich history and lineage of Italian type. Buona Display’s personality is bold and a little eccentric; it shows off its stand-out sophisticated details at large sizes and catches the eye in every setting.

This flexible typeface can be used for everything from fashion labels to logotypes, modern editorial and billboard signage. Vivacious and oddly refined, Buona Display is a larger-than-life typeface breaking all the rules and looking good doing it.

—597 Glyphs
—540 Characters
—Subscript & superscript
—Old-style figures
—Diacritics (standard accented & extended accented)
—Standard ligatures, discretionary ligatures
—Fractions, symbols, punctuations & other symbols
—Multilingual support for most over one hundred languages including Vietnamese


Basic Latin, Wester European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Vietnamese, Pan African Latin, Dutch, Pinyin, Igbo Onwu.

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