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Alfredino Semimono

Alfredino Semimono

Alfredino Semimono is a typography project that embodies a dynamic, slightly vintage aesthetic while maintaining a clean, contemporary look and is equipped with three distinct styles.

The “Semimono” style is characterized by essential cleanliness and strong visual impact. The letters are well-defined, streamlined shapes without superfluous ornamentation.

The “Semirounded” style is distinguished by its strong contrasts between defined edges and beveled seams. This gives the letters an interesting and dynamic look, adding a touch of originality to the typography.

The “Tuttocurvy” style is playful and informal, with rounded, flowing shapes. This style is perfect for projects involving interactions with illustration.


— Glyph set: 394
— Uppercase & lowercase
— Alternates
— Numbers & fractions
— Punctuaction
— Diacritics
— Symbols & arrows
— Currency Symbols
— Ligatures


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