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ALT Riviera

ALT Riviera

What began with the unconventional choice of developing the symbols first, ALT Riviera is a sturdy grotesk typeface integrated with the playful and expressive characteristics woven into its original symbols. Infused with a valiant sense of character, type designer Giulia Boggio (she/they), enjoyed pitting ‘hard’ against ‘soft’ forms. In particular, they emphasise the hard shoulders of R, G, and f. “It’s really satisfying to me to look at the contrast between sharp and soft,” they say, “it’s like they’re fighting initially but no one can win so they end up making it work.”

Equipped with 6 font weights (Extralight, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Extrabold), ALT Riviera packs a punch, suitable for both Display and Text scenarios.


— 600+ glyphs
— 6 font weights + Variable
— Uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation
— Diacritics
— Symbols
— Mathematical symbols (Roman numerals, fractions, signs)
— Western, Central, South and North Latin language support
— Latin Extended A (100%)
— Latin Extended B (13%)


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