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Nuova Volte

Nuova Volte

Nuova Volte is a sans serif typeface that takes you out of your comfort zone for the better. Its exquisite design is flexible, bending perfectly to both formal and more innovative expressions, and achieves a look that balances beauty and simplicity with a touch of the unexpected.

Looking at Nuova Volte from afar might have you thinking it’s a plain old Jane, but observe closely, and you’ll see a wide variety of shapes, slanting and straight edges, and square titles. The line that cuts your letter “l” into a “t,” for example, is designed as a parallelogram; once placed next to an “f,” the two connect like missing puzzle pieces. There is so much to play within this stunning typeface. 


— Total glyph set (each font): 564
— 5 Weights/Styles
— Lowercase
— Uppercase
— Numbers
— Symbols
— Diacritics
— Punctuations
— Ligatures
— Discretionary Ligatures
— Stylistic Alternates
— Fractions
— Scientific Inferiors
— Ordinals
— Localized Forms
— Case-Sensitive Forms
— Subscript (Numeral)
— Superscript (Numeral)


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